The LHCb Simulation Project

The LHCb Simulation Project ensures the overall coordination and support for physics analysis for all data-taking runs of the LHC, detector performance and support studies for further upgrades. The project comprises simulation specific applications and associated software and the creation and maintenance of the processing needed for the production of simulated samples.

Simulation Project Organization

The Simulation Project is organized in a series of work packages with a Project Leader and Deputy project leaders.




Project Leader

Mark Whitehead

Deputy Project Leaders

Gloria Corti

Deputy Project Leader with U2 mandate

Michal Kreps

WP G Coordinators

Tom Hadavizadeh, Phil Ilten

WP F Coordinators

WP S Coordinators

Lucio Anderlini, Michele Veltri

WP D Coordinators

Erika de Lucia, Zehua Xu

WP P Coordinators

Adam Morris, Qiuchan Lu

WP R Coordinators

Elena Dall’Occo, Matthias Karacson